Secret Types of Modern Concrete

History of concrete goes far back in time and concrete has been used since ancient times but time has changed now. Now there are entirely new types of concrete that a person, few decades ago could barely imagine. And not only this, a continuous research is going on to devise new types and improve the existing types of concrete by finding their flaws. This has led to a building designs which were unthinkable in past and has taken the skyscrapers to a new vertical limit. Let’s discuss briefly that what is so different about these new types of concert and what makes them so effective.

Modern concrete
Several new types of ready mixed concrete London are available which include powdered cement mixed with an aggregate. All it requires is a specific amount of water, relative to one’s needs. Use of such concrete is continuously increasing in routine life. Demand of Ready Mixed Concrete has increased several folds and it seems ever increasing in all the major as well as small cities of England.

Stamped concrete
Stamped Concrete, just like it sound is all about giving the perfect finish to the surface of the concrete. Any type of texture can be drawn on the surface after the concrete is pretty much settled. After sufficient hardening the surface is cleaned and generally sealed to give a protection. It has the ability of endure the bad weather conditions and gives really good results despite extensive exposure. This is why this type of concrete is used in parking lots, pavements, walkways etc.

High-performance concrete
High-performance concrete (HPC) is pretty much a new type which is being constantly used in industry. But we must keep in mind that high-strength concrete is always a high-performance concrete too but high-performance concrete may not always be high in strength. Some of the example of High-performance concrete application are given below.

Ease of placement
Early age strength
Long-term mechanical properties
Volume stability
Long life
Ultra-high-performance concrete
Ultra-high-performance concrete is relatively a new type of concrete. This type was developed due to the protection point of view. Ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC) is also composed of a steel fiber-reinforced cement composite material which has increased compressive strengths. UHPC is typically composed of fine-grained sand, silica fume, small steel fibers, and specific mixture of high-strength Portland cement. Still question are raised on the durability and failure of UHPC and several agencies and universities are conducting research on its ability to endure stress.

Micro-reinforced ultra-high-performance concrete

Micro-reinforced ultra-high-performance concrete is the next generation of UHPC. Some of the most distinct qualities of this type of concrete are high compressive strength, durability and the ability of shock absorption. Moreover micro-reinforced UHPC has the qualities including extreme ductility, energy absorption and resistance to chemicals, water and temperature. The special cubic structure and ability to disintegrate into fiber, tremendously increases its strength. The performance of the discontinuous and scattered fibers in UHPC is almost unpredictable. One of its common uses include blastFree Reprint Articles, ballistic and earthquake resistant constructions.

It concludes that a diverse variety of concrete is available and many types are in great demand. For instance the demand of ready mixed concrete in London is ever increasing due to its ease of use and demand in daily life. Likewise high performance concrete has also reserved its irreplaceable position in industry. All your requirements can be meet but at the end a perfect mix is not possible. If you go down the stream you have to suffer from poor quality and if you don’t then you must keep you budget high. You are only to decide which type of concrete will suits the specific construction needs & the budget best.

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