HHB develops high-end, custom homes from durable ICF materials. For the homeowner looking to invest in their forever home, our contracting, rental and material services bring out the best in where you live.

Hurricane Home Builders

Hurricane Home Builders combines experiences, qualified workmanship with high-end ICFs to create homes that stand the test of time. As ICF builders, it's our training and time in the trenches that set us apart within the construction industry. From start to finish, our high standards and attention to detail get the job done right, and to a high standard.

Our Services

At HHB, we put our analysis and feedback to use on your specific house, gauging the feasibility of your project. From design to materials, labor, services, and maintenance training, what Hurricane Home Builders really offers is solutions. Our consulting services, design, and access to materials set us up. But it's our ability to turn ICFs into fully fledged, gorgeous homes that set us apart.