Hurricane Home Builders are one of the premier installers of insulating concrete form, or ICF, products in the United States. Lightweight construction makes ICF ideal for projects of any size. We put our experience to good use in construction projects ranging from small home additions to tall wall ICF construction. Our company has completed dozens of commercial and over a thousand residential projects. This is still relatively pioneering work, and it's our pleasure to work right in the eye of the storm. Our large staff contingent gives us the freedom to work on multiple projects at the same time. With our strong portfolio of ICF installation work and the experience and expertise to handle projects of any size, we're at the frontline of the insulating concrete form building industry. And it's a great time to be in ICF. Our hope is that, with enough time, we'll be able to spread the word to the masses about the benefits of ICFs, for the consumer but also for the environment.
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